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Direct Sunlight Voids Your Solar Inverter Warranty

When it comes to solar inverters it really does pay to protect your investment. The standard solar inverter warranty is from 5 to 10 years meaning that your inverter is likely to fail while your solar panels will still be running for up to 20 years.

Most solar inverter warranties are void if you install your inverter in direct sunlight. Our solar inverter covers are designed to protect your solar inverter from sunlight and maintain your warranty. Our covers also extend the life of your inverter so that you can avoid paying those high inverter replacement costs.

In the examples below from leading solar inverter manufacturers, we look at the installation instructions and warranty exclusions that confirm your solar inverter needs to be kept out of direct sunlight.


Fronius Warranty

The Fronius installation instructions show the inverter must not be installed in direct sunlight. The Fronius warranty exclusions state that the inverter must be installed according to the installation instructions.

Fronius Installation Instructions
Fronius Warranty Exclusions


SMA Warranty

The SMA mounting instructions state that the inverter must not be exposed to durect solar irradiation. The SMA warranty exclusions mean that your warranty does not cover damages where the inverter was not installed according to the technical requirements i.e. the installation manual.

SMA Installation Instructions

SMA Warranty Exclusions

SolarEdge Warranty

The SolarEdge mounting instructions recommend installing the inverter in a location protected from direct sunlight. The SolarEdge warranty does not apply when the inverter was not installed in strict conformance with the installation instructions and allowed proper ventilation.

SolarEdge Installation Instructions

SolarEdge Warranty Exclusions

GoodWe Warranty

 The GoodWe installation instructions show the inverter being installed away from direct sunlight. The GoodWe warranty exceptions state that the warranty does not cover faulty installations.

GoodWe Installation Instructions

GoodWe Warranty Exclusions

Sungrow Warranty

The Sungrow installation manual shows the inverter installed away from direct sunlight. The Sungrow warranty excludes any inverter that has not been installed accoriding to the installation guide.

Sungrow Installation Instructions
Sungrow Warranty Exclusions


After reviewing the installation guides and warranty exlcusions from these top inverter manufacturers it becomes very clear that your solar inverter needs to be protected. If it isn't protected and is installed in direct sunlight, your warranty may become void. Adding a solar inverter cover protects your inverter and maintains your warranty.